Western Oaks

Property Owners Association

Western Oaks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of frequently asked questions from residents in Western Oaks.

Please contact RealManage at 866-473-2573, westerno@ciramail.com, or RealManage portal.

Please contact Jim Parten, the Pool Committee Chair. You can send Jim a private message on Nextdoor, or you can send a message using the Contact Page. You will need to provide the first five (5) numbers on your pool card, along with your name and street address.

Please contact RealManage at 866-473-2573, westerno@ciramail.com, or RealManage portal to setup your reservation. They will have the forms, rules, and regulations for making the reservation. Please keep in mind that the reservation is only for the gazebo at the pool.

Greenbelts are considered common areas and are owned and maintained by the Western Oaks Property Owners Association (WOPOA). Every owner shall have a right and easement of enjoyment in and to the Common Areas. No damage or destruction by owners of these areas. They are maintained in their native state for the all residents enjoyment.

Please contact the Pool Committee chair for pool key issues and the Tennis Committee chair for tennis key issues. See the contact page.

Application forms can be obtained in two places. From the resident portal or in a box by the front door at 6804 One Oak Road. See the contact page.

This site is at www.ciranet.com, 'Resident Portal'. This enables residents and homeowners up-to-date access to community information, such as: owner statements, assessment rules information on line payments, etc.

Our monthly newsletter, this web site (www.westernoakspoa.org), the RealManage resident portal, and NextDoor.com.

The information about each committee is being passed out at the Special WOPOA Meeting, on Tuesday, July 21, 2015 and will also be in the August newsletter. Please call the chairman of the committee you are interested in helping with and volunteer!