Pool Area Plan

The Special Assessment will provide a budget of $200,000 to the Pool committee to make the following proposed upgrades for the pool area.
Please note that the purpose of the upgrades is to bring the bathrooms up to code and to maximize usable space of the overall pool area.  We are proposing relocating the bathroom to the area between the tennis courts and pool and believe this will provide a better overall neighborhood park experience.

PI Architects have graciously provided a design for our pool area upgrade.  Please see the Western Oaks website for a Rendering and Plan.  The concept proposed comprises a new smaller 234 sf bathroom structure with 1 ADA compliant bathroom and 2 similar bathrooms with showers, approximate size will be 6’ wide by 11’ long inside and will be single use only.  Included in the structure will be a small 6’ x 4’ room for a water heater and cleaning supplies.  The structure will abut to the Pump House between the Tennis Court and the Pool.  The Pump House roof will be removed and a new flat roof sloped away from the pool will cover both structures (see Rendering on Website for clarity).

The proposal also includes:
The existing baby pool cover will remain in place for now. We will consider adding a sloped entry section of the baby pool if there are funds to do so, allowing little kids to easily walk in to the pool instead of jumping in. Note that this was a neighborhood favorite per the survey we published last year, and a sloped entry is common for current baby pools.

At this time we plan on demolishing the existing bathroom structure, the pergola, 50 to 75 LF of fence and the pump house roof.  If deemed a necessity, we will replace the link portion of the outer fence.  We have had several instances of vandalism in the last few years and the low fence is part of it. 

Again, we hope to have good budget costs for everything next week. 

I want to give high praise to our Pool Upgrade team!  They are doing a great job for us all.  Thank you all.

Jim Parten – Pool Committee Chairman

Pool area design

Current Condition